Best Graphic Novels

Finding the best graphic novels can be hard. Walking into most bookstores, how is a person expected to choose? There’s a huge selection, but little guidance. Even worse, looking for the best graphic novels relies on a lot of subjective decisions. A fan of manga books and a fan of science fiction books may have two entirely different styles. The best graphic novels for one might not interest the other.

Best Horror Graphic Novel

Walking Dead sets the standard for modern horror graphic novels. Loosely following the standard zombie survival narrative, the book quickly explores new scenarios, like settling down in a town surrounded by zombies, or being a single parent after the apocalypse.

Best All Ages Graphic Novel

For several years, Marvel has been adapting stories from the Wizard of Oz universe. Starting with The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, the whimsical artwork and classic stories make the comic books in these collections easily enjoyable by children and adults, and earning them a spot on many personal lists of the best graphic novels.

Best Political Graphic Novel

Aaron and Ahmed: A Love Story is the kind of fantastic and fanatical work readers can enjoy regardless of what side they take in charged political concepts like the post-9/11 war against terror. It’s an exploration of where fanaticism comes from and the thought processes that go into building a weapon of personal terror.

Best Fantasy Graphic Novel

While fans of fantasy books have fallen in love with HBO’s A Game of Thrones and, of course, the book upon which it’s based, George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire, graphic novel lovers are not out of luck. A prequel story, The Hedge Knight, helps shed new light on the increasingly popular stories with great artwork and a wonderful story of nobles and knights, squires and chivalry.

Finding the best graphic novels is no easy feat. There are great books for every age group, reading level and interest. To find the best graphic novels, you have to first figure out what you’d like to read today.

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